Nominations close Jan 11th for the Haskell Foundation Board

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Nominations close Jan 11th for the Haskell Foundation Board

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Happy new year! 

The closing date for self-nominations for membership of the Board of the Haskell Foundation is in just under a week:

Monday January 11th 2021

The Haskell Foundation is a new non-profit organisation that seeks to articulate the benefits of functional programming to a broader audience, to erase barriers to entry, and to support Haskell as a solidly reliable basis for mission-critical applications.

The Board provides the strategic leadership for the Foundation, including its goals, governance, finances, and staff.  Membership of the Board is a key leadership role, not an honorary appointment.

The Call for Nominations gives more details.  Please do consider nominating yourself, or encouraging a suitable (but perhaps modest) colleague to do so.  The HF needs a strong Board, and that means strong nominations.

Thanks!  Please do forward this message on social media or elsewhere.

Simon Peyton Jones



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