PEPM 2021 - Call for Participation

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PEPM 2021 - Call for Participation

Sam Lindley
                         -- CALL FOR PARTICIPATION --


   * Website :
   * Time    : 18th--19th January 2021
   * Place   : Online (co-located with POPL 2021)


The registration fee for POPL and all associated events (including
PEPM) is a nominal US$10 (or optionally, if you are willing and able
to pay more, some other amount based on your status).

Early registration deadline: **Sunday 10th January, 2021**

Keynote speakers

Pat Hanrahan (Stanford)

Julia Lawall (Inria)
   Program manipulation of C code: from partial evaluation to semantic
   patches for the Linux kernel

Matúš Tejiščák (Chordify)
   Erasure in dependently typed programming

Preliminary Schedule

(All talks are live. All times are CET, i.e. UTC+1.)

Monday 18th January 2021

     A functional Abstraction of Type Trails
       Kenichi Asai, *Youyou Cong*, Chiaki Ishio
     A Text-based Syntax Completion Method Using LR Parsing
       *Isao Sasano*, Kwanghoon Choi

   1100--1130 break

     Coq to C Translation with Partial Evaluation
       Akira Tanaka
     Counterexample Generation for Program Verification based on
     Ownership Refinement Types
       *Hideto Ueno*, John Toman, Naoki Kobayashi, Takeshi

   1230--1330 break

     Control Flow Obfuscation for Featherweight Java using
     Continuation Passing
       Kenny Zhuo Ming Lu
     Efficient Fair Conjunction for Structurally-Recursive
       Petr Lozov, Dmitri Boulytchev

   1430--1500 break

   1500--1600 keynote 1
     Program manipulation of C code: from partial evaluation to
     semantic patches for the Linux kernel
       Julia Lawall (Inria)

Tuesday 19th January 2021

   1500--1600 keynote 2
     Erasure in dependently typed programming
       Matúš Tejiščák (Chordify)

   1600--1630 break

     Staged Effects and Handlers for Modular Languages with
       *Casper Bach Poulsen*, Cas van der Rest, Tom Schrijvers
     Automatic Differentiation via Effects and Handlers: An
     Implementation in Frank
       Jesse Sigal

   1730--1800 break

     A Type-Safe Structure Editor Calculus
       Christian Godiksen, Thomas Herrmann, Hans Hüttel, Mikkel
       Korup Lauridsen, Iman Owliaie
     Strictly Capturing Non-Strict Closures
       Zachary Sullivan, Paul Downen, Zena M. Ariola

   1900--1930 break

   1930--2030 keynote 3
       Pat Hanrahan (Stanford)

Best paper award

PEPM 2021 continues the tradition of a Best Paper award. The winner
will be announced at the workshop.
The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, with registration number SC005336.
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