Questions too basic for this mailing list?

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Questions too basic for this mailing list?

Kim-Ee Yeoh
One of the attributes of the haskell community that I take pride in is the
balance between democracy and upholding standards.

High technical standards such as correctness, ease-of-reasoning, brevity
are valued, as well as high community standards such as humor, empathy,
addressing the other with dignity.

All the above, coupled with an openness to the world-at-large, is the kit
and kaboodle of the accidental haskeller.

So when the response to a newcomer boils down to "take your basic questions
elsewhere", I wonder about these values and I wonder about the community's

I for one regret losing the opportunity of exploring very interesting
questions about syntax, even elementary syntax, a common obstacle faced by

Consider how Haskell syntax was designed in a rare confluence of events
requiring tremendous buy-in (and patience, and empathy, and openness) from
a superficially similar but actually a very diverse group with vigorous,
opposing opinions.

In an environment that turns inimical to such basic, foundational values --
whither progress?

I feel the loss deeply.

-- Kim-Ee
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