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Random 1.2 Released

Dominic Steinitz-2
After a lot of hard work by Alexey Kuleshevich, Leonhard Markert and Dominic Steinitz with help from Aleksey Khudyakov, I am happy to announce version 1.2 of random has finally landed on hackage.

 * Much, much faster.
 * Higher quality default generator.
 * Addition of a monadic interface to support e.g. mwc-random.

There are a few libraries on hackage that do not compile with the latest version and we are providing PRs to fix those. Let us know if we forgot your favourite package.

I'd also like to thank the reviewers especially Andrew Lelechenko and @chessai for taking the time to read through the code thoroughly and provide great feedback.

Happy Hacking

Dominic Steinitz
Twitter: @idontgetoutmuch

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