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Anthony Lee
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   1.  Bound library questions (Anthony Lee)


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Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2018 06:46:52 -0400
From: Anthony Lee <[hidden email]>
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Subject: [Haskell-beginners] Bound library questions
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In Scope.hs there are some functions I feel difficult to understand,
Why fmap/foldmap/traverse is applied three times?

instance Functor f => Functor (Scope b f) where
fmap f (Scope a) = Scope (fmap (fmap (fmap f)) a)
{-# INLINE fmap #-}

-- | @'toList'@ is provides a list (with duplicates) of the free variables
instance Foldable f => Foldable (Scope b f) where
foldMap f (Scope a) = foldMap (foldMap (foldMap f)) a
{-# INLINE foldMap #-}

instance Traversable f => Traversable (Scope b f) where
traverse f (Scope a) = Scope <$> traverse (traverse (traverse f)) a
{-# INLINE traverse #-}
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