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Re: [GHC] #14537: Do not link to msvcrt.dll


Add a -v3 to ghc to see what's happening.

On Wed, Dec 13, 2017, 07:23 GHC <[hidden email]> wrote:
#14537: Do not link to msvcrt.dll
        Reporter:  johndoe           |                Owner:  (none)
            Type:  feature request   |               Status:  closed
        Priority:  normal            |            Milestone:
       Component:  Compiler          |              Version:  8.2.1
  (Linking)                          |
      Resolution:  invalid           |             Keywords:
Operating System:  Windows           |         Architecture:
                                     |  Unknown/Multiple
 Type of failure:  Other             |            Test Case:
      Blocked By:                    |             Blocking:
 Related Tickets:                    |  Differential Rev(s):
       Wiki Page:                    |

Comment (by johndoe):

 Well, I tried to modify `specs` directly, but project failed to build:
 I've got messagebox that `setup.exe` crashed.
 That was on my local machine, but the same you can see on appveyor:

 I am not sure, maybe my `specs` file is not good:
 But it worked well with other project (not GHC).

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