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Brian Sniffen
> > It might be nice to at least include some disclaimers of warranty.

I'm not a lawyer.  But those US copyright lawyers I've spoken with
have expressed doubts
about anybody's ability to put things into the public domain.
Certainly, if you put it in the
public domain, you can't also disclaim a warranty.

I suspect that some license that is a superset of the following would be best:

* The documentation of GHC
* The documentation of Hugs
* The Haskell 98 report

I think that works out to be "BSD, with an option for authors to
copyleft pages or code as they wish."

On the other hand, I also think MoinMoin has lots to offer over
Mediawiki---not least ease
of maintenance and improvements such as license markers.

Brian T. Sniffen
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