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Re: Hi-res/vector version of logo?

Jared Updike

With some encouragement and feedback from Jeff Wheeler and Eelco
Lempsink, I created a "Polymorphic" SVG Haskell Logo in Haskell [1].

This script yields a pile of SVG files and an HTML index showing them
off (known to work in Safari 3.0 and Firefox 2.0) [1]:

The above Logo.hs program (or small tweaks to it) should hopefully
yield all of the variations of the Winning Logo that Jeff Wheeler
posted [2] with one caveat: no text/fonts/the word "Haskell". (Note
that I am not advocating that all of these designs be voted on, only
showing what variations have been dreamt up thus far... Keep reading
for my own design submission.)


Eelco Lempsink agreed with me that getting the community to pin down
just the icon/emblem part of the logo (for use on the Haskell wiki,
Wikipedia article on Haskell, Haskell reddit, derivative logos, etc.)
would be enough work, and better than trying to vote simultaneously on
an emblem design AND an official Haskell font presentation.

What do people think of this idea? (If folks still feel the need for
an official "Haskell" font we could always work out pairing text with
the winner of the Logo Variation vote... but I say we worry about this

In addition, Eelco said:

> I think letting people submit only one entry might be a good
> way to limit the options and prevent us from having an exhaustive search in
> the design space ;)

I agree, and in the spirit of collaboration I am turning my design
variation generator program (Logo.hs above) over to the community
(public domain, as Jeff Wheeler has done with his winning logo
designs) to hack on in the hopes that we will see some nice designs
come out of this. If we get enough entries (n >= 2) we can set up a
vote for the Final Logo Variation and revitalize the Haskell home
page. [3]


In the spirit of competition, I created my own take on the purple/teal
Haskell logo. (Note that this variation started as output from my
program to which I manually added effects in Inkscape; it was not
generated by my software, although it could be....) Unfortunately
browsers are not as advanced at rendering SVG as Inkscape so I am
submitting PNGs (which we probably want in the end, anyway) of my

as well as the original Inkscape SVG [4] in the hopes that it will
inspire others to submit better variations with different
effects---but remember: please only submit a single entry of your best

All of these logo variations have sort of melted my brain but I hope
the community is still excited to settle on a final logo variation
once we see some design offerings.

Feedback is appreciated, and thanks to everyone who has contributed
designs so far. [5]


[1] The Logo Variation Generator:
I am willing to clean this code up and package it for Hackage, as well
as add support for PDF (through Asymptote), if the winning variation
is based on this code and the community wants a go-to Haskell-Logo


[3] Simulation
Simulation Wikipedia article:

[4] Warning: the drop shadow looks terrible in browsers (Load in Inkscape):

[5] Brian Sniffen (MetaPost):
Don Stewart (SVG):
Philip Hölzenspies: (TeX logo!):
Darrin Thompson (ASCII):
and everyone who shared their ideas freely...
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