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Neil Mitchell
Hi Han-Hing,

I'm afraid I don't run WinHugs anymore, and have never run the OpenGL
portions. Perhaps someone on the Hugs user list can help?

Thanks, Neil

On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 12:39 PM, Han-Hing Dang
<[hidden email]> wrote:

>  Dear Neil Mitchell,
> i found your email address on the internet while trying to find someone who
> can help me with getting WinHugs to run. I'm trying to get WinHugs to work
> with the Graphics.HGL library included in the release of Sep 2006. I hope
> you
> might help me with the following problem:
> My problem is that WinHugs always crashes when I'm running the GTest.hs file
> with the command "rg w3" or "rg w8". WinHugs crashes when the pop-up window
> closes after finishing. Do you have any idea what can be done about that ?
> I think that problem should not depend on my machine since i am running a
> Windows 7 OS, but the same occurs on other Windows XP systems. I hope that
> problem has already occured to other users but if you have any further
> question about my setting or the like please feel free to ask me.
> Thank you very much for any helpful comment in advance!
> Best regards,
> Han-Hing
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