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chessai .
Copying on ghc-devs, since i think that's what you wanted.

On Mon, Jul 1, 2019, 11:14 AM Andrew Martin <[hidden email]> wrote:
To get GHC to raise an exception from an inline primop, I presume that I'd need to jump to stg_raisezh. None of the existing inline primops do anything quite like this. I see things like emitMemcmpCall and emitMemsetCall, but these ultimately just wrap emitForeignCall, which wraps mkUnsafeCall, which wraps the data constructor CmmUnsafeForeignCall. I think I want CmmCall instead, which is described by the comments as being used for "a native call or tail call". Hmm... emitRtsCall might be what I want. I'll try pursuing this route further.

-Andrew Thaddeus Martin
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