Req. for co-maintaining hs-libhdf5 and bindings-hdf5

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Req. for co-maintaining hs-libhdf5 and bindings-hdf5

Marco Zocca
Dear all,

   I would like to help taking care of two libraries for HDF5.

The author, James Cook (mokus0 on GitHub, CC'd here), didn't reply to
a private email I sent about this on April 12. I hope he's doing well,
by the way.

HDF5 is a popular format for scientific datasets, and it would be a
pity to see the Haskell bindings bitrot.

I have previous experience building Haskell C bindings with HSC, c2hs
and inline-c, and as co-maintainer I would, as first steps, add memory
brackets and user-facing `exceptions`, enable continuous integration
(Travis) and "stack-ify" the libraries.

Hoping to hear soon from James and/or the Hackage trustees;

All the best,

Marco  (ocramz)
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