Request for comments: dbus-core 0.9

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Request for comments: dbus-core 0.9

John Millikin
I think I'm pretty close to releasing the next version of my D-Bus library, dbus-core. This is a big release that changes a lot of the API, so I'd like to see if anybody 1) has any problems with the new APIs or 2) has any suggested improvements.


Notable improvements in this release are:

• Merges dbus-core and dbus-client. The modules "DBus.Client" and "DBus.Client.Simple" provide a very nice, high-level API to common D-Bus operations. Note: I've reverted to the dbus-client_0.3 API for this, since not many users liked the monad-based API introduced in 0.4.
• The class Variable was split into IsAtom, IsValue, and IsVariant. Together these let the rest of the type conversion API go away -- you no longer have to worry about Array, Structure, or Dictionary (except in a few, rare cases).
• Support for custom transports (eg, a pipe or in-memory buffer).
• Improved support for custom authentication mechanisms.

Also, while the docs are obviously not finished, I'm interested to know if anyone finds any parts of the library confusing -- those'll get extra doc love.

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