Road map for moving to new Haskell Platform?

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Road map for moving to new Haskell Platform?

David Banas-2
It looks like the method of installing the Haskell Platform (at least, on MacOS) changed majorly, since the last time I updated. Is there any kind of “road map” to help us make the switch.

Some questions that occurred to me, while I was doing the new install (via `curl … | sh`, as opposed to downloading a binary installer):
  1. It looks like there’s a new default install root: `~/.ghcup/`; does that mean I should rip out `/Library/Haskell/` and `~/Library/Haskell/`?
  2. Is `new-…` now the default (cabal v3.0.0.0), as previously threatened, or does the `new-` still need to be given explicitly? I’m getting different results using: `cabal install …` and `cabal new-install …`, and the `cabal install …` is complaining about a missing configuration variable: `installdir`, which I can’t find in my existing `~/.cabal/config` file. (Are the old `install_dirs` sections, with their several sub-variables, being ignored now?)
  3. Is `~/.cabal/config` still the default location for the config. file?
  4. How does one generate a new-format config. file? (Should one do this?)
  5. It looks like things are being sym-linked into `/usr/local/bin/` now; should I give that directory higher priority in my PATH variable?
  6. Any needed updates to Emacs config., to keep everything running smoothly?


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