SPLASH 2018: Call for Participation

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SPLASH 2018: Call for Participation

SPLASH Publicity
November 4-9, 2018
Boston, MA, USA


The ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages and Applications:
Software for Humanity (SPLASH) embraces all aspects of software construction,
to make it the premier conference at the intersection of programming,
languages, and software engineering.

# Registration

 * 1 October 2018 (Early Deadline) <-- very soon!
 * Contact:  [hidden email]
 * Register: https://2018.splashcon.org/attending/registration
 * Venue:    https://2018.splashcon.org/venue/splash-2018-venue

# What's Happening at SPLASH?

## Keynotes
 * Daniel Jackson
   A new modularity for software

 * Chris Granger
   Against the Current: What we Learned from Eve

 * Jenny Quillien
   Beauty is the Promise of Happiness

 * Barbara Liskov
   Distributed Abstractions

 * Felienne Hermans
   Explicit Direct Instruction in Programming Education

 * Kathi Fisler
   Programming Language Semantics through a Pedagogic Lens

 * Byron Cook
   Reasoning about Security of Amazon Web Services

 * Guy L. Steele Jr. (PLMW)
   50 Years of Programming and Language Design

 * Saman Amarasinghe (GPCE)
   How to Make Sparse Fast

 * Martin Rinard (SLE)
   A New Approach for Software Correctness and Reliability

## Conference Program

 * https://2018.splashcon.org/program/program-splash-2018


SPLASH-I is a series of research and industry talks, demos, and panels that
address topics relevant to the SPLASH community. The SPLASH-I series is held in
the afternoons of SPLASH. Talks are open to all attendees.

 * https://2018.splashcon.org/track/splash-2018-SPLASH-I#program

## Research Tracks and Co-Located Conferences and Symposia


 * Onward! Essays

 * Onward! Papers

 * GPCE - Generative Programming: Concepts and Experience

 * SLE - Software Language Engineering

 * DLS - Dynamic Languages Symposium


## Workshops

SPLASH 2018 is hosting 16 workshops this year.

 * AGERE! - Programming based on Actors, Agents, and Decentralized Control

 * AI-SEPS - Artificial Intelligence and Empirical Methods for
Software Engineering and Parallel Computing Systems


 * DSLDI - Domain-Specific Language Design and Implementation


 * HILT - High Integrity Languages and Tools for Ensuring
Cyber-Resilience in Critical Software-Intensive Systems


 * META - Meta-Programming Techniques and Reflection

 * NJR - Normalized Java Resource

 * NOOL - New Object-Oriented Languages

 * OCAP - Object-Capability Languages, Systems, and Applications

 * PLATEAU - Evaluation and Usability of Programming Languages and Tools

 * REBLS - Reactive and Event-based Languages & Systems

 * SLEBoK - Software Language Engineering Body of Knowledge

 * TURBO - Tutorial on Language Runtimes Built With Eclipse OMR

 * VMIL - Virtual Machines and Language Implementations

## Other Events

 * Doctoral Symposium

 * PL Mentoring Workshop

 * Posters

 * Student Research Competition
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