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SQL Server database bindings

Chris Done

Hello everyone,

We’ve noticed that a number of commercial users of Haskell, and our own clients, have complained about the quality of Haskell bindings to the Microsoft SQL Server database.

Would any Haskell-using companies be willing to come together to fund FP Complete to work on a polished, high-quality and performant SQL Server binding which we would open source?

We’ve already done some work in this area, I’ve personally written a (unpublished) binding to the freetds C library from Haskell which supports connecting directly to SQL Server and even Microsoft Azure services from Linux.

Some goals might be:

  • Support streaming (e.g. via conduit).
  • Support multiple client platforms (Linux, OS X, Windows).
  • Satisfy a level of efficiency.
  • Come with a comprehensive test suite for stability.

Please let us know on this thread, or [hidden email] directly if you’d be interested in contributing to such an initiative.