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SublimeHaskell on SublimeText 2
Is there anyone out there who uses the SublimeHaskell plugin for SublimeText 2?

Reason for asking: I would sincerely like to remove all vestiges of SublimeText 2 from the plugin. I suspect (know) that it hasn't worked for SublimeText 2 for a long time and the amount of work to backport the current plugin would involve significant effort.

For those of you who gave up on SublimeHaskell: Consider giving it another chance. It's more stable now and I've personally been working off issues to make it, in the words of one of the testers, "suck less." (*) It's still not perfect -- known issues are:

- The hsdev backend starts up always. I'm refactoring the backend management code, which will take a while, but this will get fixed. It will also enable an enterprising individual to integrate intero and other backends.

- Can't connect to a remote hsdev backend. Planned enhancement.

- Can't use multiple stack.yamls. Planned enhancement that could get released in the next two weeks.


(*) Paraphrase of Michael Elkin's comment about the Mutt mail client: "All mail users agents suck, Mutt just sucks less."

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