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Tikhon Jelvis
A significant part of the Haskell community infrastructure—including the website, Hackage, Hoogle and the build infrastructure for GHC—runs on donations from the Haskell community administered by

You can donate right now using several methods including PayPal and check: can also accept donations through employers via Benevity using the unique ID 475236502.

As is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, donations are tax-deductible. 

This year marked the second Haskell Summer of Code program which provided grants for 15 students working on open source Haskell projects over the summer. The projects improved Haskell tooling and libraries as well as supporting Haskell education through improvements to A detailed retrospective can be found on

With look forward to continuing this work with your support in 2018 as well as exploring new projects to improve the Haskell community infrastructure.

Best wishes, Tikhon Jelvis on behalf of the committee.

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