Thank you for the donations to!

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Thank you for the donations to!

Jason Dagit-3
On behalf of, we would like to thank all the generous donors we had in 2013!

Just in the last week of the year, we received about half of the total donations for the year. Nearly $900! That brings the total donations for the year to $1976! Thank you very much!

We are very grateful for all the donations we receive, financial and otherwise. As examples, GlobalSign graciously provides us with a free SSL certificate for use on hackage and each year community members collectively provide countless hours of time and energy towards making the Haskell community vibrant, positive, and relevant.

At the moment our primary expenses are hosting for and hackage. The donations we have received will help ensure that we continue to have adequate hosting for the ever growing hackage!

Thank you and let’s continue our momentum into 2014!

The Committee

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