Trouble w/ ExitFailure 139 (Segmentation Fault), during Cabal installs.

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Trouble w/ ExitFailure 139 (Segmentation Fault), during Cabal installs.

David Banas-2
Hi all,

Prolog: I have installed GHC v7.6.3, from source, on Ubuntu 13.0.4.

I think I've made my GHC v7.6.3 installation unstable, because I'm having lots of trouble with "ExitFailure 139"s when cabal installing. And I'm wondering if this is a pertinent clue:

dbanas@dbanas-lap:~/prj/plush$ cabal unpack lifted-base
Unpacking to lifted-base-
dbanas@dbanas-lap:~/prj/plush$ pushd lifted-base-
~/prj/plush/lifted-base- ~/prj/plush ~
dbanas@dbanas-lap:~/prj/plush/lifted-base-$ ghc --make Setup.hs 
[1 of 1] Compiling Main             ( Setup.hs, Setup.o )
Linking Setup ...
dbanas@dbanas-lap:~/prj/plush/lifted-base-$ ./Setup configure
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
dbanas@dbanas-lap:~/prj/plush/lifted-base-$ head Setup.hs
#! /usr/bin/env runhaskell

{-# LANGUAGE NoImplicitPrelude, UnicodeSyntax #-}

module Main (main) where

-- Imports
dbanas@dbanas-lap:~/prj/plush/lifted-base-$ chmod 755 Setup.hs
dbanas@dbanas-lap:~/prj/plush/lifted-base-$ ./Setup.hs configure
Configuring lifted-base-
Setup.hs: At least the following dependencies are missing:
base-unicode-symbols >=0.1.1 && <0.3,
monad-control ==0.3.*,
transformers-base ==0.4.*

What I'm attempting to call attention too, with the above excerpt, is this:

If I compile and run "Setup configure" I get a core dump, but if I just run "Setup.hs configure" (taking advantage of the fact that Setup.hs begins with a shebang line) it works fine.

Is this a clue as to how I've horked up my ghc installation?


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