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XMPP library recommendations

John Goerzen-3
Hi folks,

I'm looking for suggestions for XMPP libraries.  So far I have found three on Hackage. Thanks to the authors of these - I think a lot of good can come from XMPP in Haskell.

However, all of them appear to be minimally maintained, if at all:
  • XMPP - only one upload, over 2 years ago.  Does not support TLS (required by many modern servers).  Does not support SASL (also required by many modern servers).  After finding the options on a test server to disable the requirements for TLS and SASL, it worked.
  • network-protocol-XMPP - uploaded recently to fix 7.4 build issue, not much other recent activity.  Refuses to connect to a test account with "Received empty challenge" (this does not appear to be an accurate error message, but rather a bug in XML parsing).  A bit more low-level than I'm looking for.
  • haskell-xmpp - only one upload, over 1 year ago.  Connects and works.  I like the design.  Is hard-coded to write debug messages to stdout, making it a bit of a problem for programs that use stdout (though a one-liner mod to the code would fix that).  Says it's "alpha" and "work in progress".
What experience do people have with these?  Any recommendations?


-- John

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