Yaham - Yet Another HAskell Mode for GNU Emacs

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Yaham - Yet Another HAskell Mode for GNU Emacs

Ian Zimmerman-4

Quoting the README file:

This is Yaham, Yet Another HAskell Mode for GNU Emacs.

It has a different focus than the Moss haskell-mode that's normally used
nowadays.  Yaham strives, first and foremost, to integrate well with the
rest of Emacs and respect the Emacs ecosystem.  This is because I still
use languages different from Haskell --- python, shell, Makefiles, even
C ...) and see no end to this predicament.

To my knowledge, Yaham completely and correctly handles all of Haskell's
unusual lexical syntax - both line and nested comments, overloading
of single quote and backslash, strings including gaps.  There should be
no runaway string or comment highlighting or broken cursor movement
across these elements.  If you find a broken case, please report it to
the address below including the relevant piece of Haskell.

Things that are still missing but are high priority to add:
* specialization for GHC (one for Hugs is included)
* texinfo documentation (for now, please explore the menus and keybindings)
* installation script (perhaps a makefile)

Things that are very low priority (i.e. probably won't be added):
* Bird style literate source handling
* XEmacs compatibility kludges

To use or try it,

* download http://primate.net/~itz/yaham/yaham.tar.gz
* unpack
* read the LICENSE (yes, please do)
* copy *.el files to your local Elisp directory
* optionally, byte-compile
* add the following to your Emacs initialization

(load-library "yaham-autoloads")

(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.hs\\'" . yaham-mode))

;; or if you have Hugs, you can do this:
;; (add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.hs\\'" . yaham-hugs-mode))

Send all problem reports and patches to me (Ian Zimmerman) at
[hidden email]

P.S.  If you want to hack on it, let me know and I'll consider giving
you access to the Subversion repo.

Peace, Ian.

This line is completely ham.
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