Yampa: upcoming changes; maintaining the projects we care about

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Yampa: upcoming changes; maintaining the projects we care about

Ivan Perez
Dear all

I am the current maintainer of the FRP implementation Yampa. (For context: I'm a PhD student at Nottingham, working with Henrik Nilsson.)

Yampa contains legacy code that used to be useful to get things running quickly. In the interest of having minimal overhead and using existing robust solutions whenever possible, we'd like to remove some of that old auxiliary code.

These changes will not affect the core of Yampa (SF definitions, arrow combinators, switches, etc.), but only auxiliary/miscelaneous stuff (vector spaces, deep strict evaluation type class, tupling/monad aux functions, etc.).

We've been introducing these changes progressively over the last year, by first re-structuring the code base and marking some functions as deprecated. The time is coming for backwards incompatible changes, but I'd like to make sure that the projects you care about keep working as before. This may include (but is not limited to):
* Code (which may not be on hackage, so it may be difficult for me to even know it exists).
* Examples included in papers, slides, blog posts, etc.

So, if you may be affected by these changes, please:
- Watch the github project [1] and subscribe to [hidden email], which is where details will be announced. It's a low traffic mailing list.
- If you can deal with it yourself by upgrading your code, please do so.
 Otherwise, feel free to drop a line.
- If your use case does not support easy upgrading (papers? talk videos?) please let me know. For starters, we may be able to concentrate all the potential compilation errors that your users might get in one place in the documentation.
- If you are affected in a way that I'm not seeing, please let me know.

All the best


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