arm-apple-darwin10-cabal install woes

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arm-apple-darwin10-cabal install woes

Schell Scivally
Hi all, I posted this earlier to the haskell-iphone list and heard it may
be better off here.

I'm having trouble installing primitive from hackage with
arm-apple-darwin10-cabal. It seems a funky error is happening that is not
getting written out or logged.

Here is the output from my attempted install from hackage after a `rm -rf
~/.cabal` and `arm-apple-darwin10-cabal update`:
Nothiing is listed in the log mentioned.

So I tried installing from the git repo and got the same error. Then I
tried to configure build and then install and the build phase spat out:

archive library: dist-arm/build/libHSprimitive- will be fat and
ar(1) will not be able to operate on it

In-place registering primitive-

So it seems it's building but not linking? Maybe I shouldn't be developing
with cabal? What's the normal procedure here?

Schell Scivally
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