can't STOP after interrupt winGHCi or ghci

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can't STOP after interrupt winGHCi or ghci

Kees Bleijenberg

Now I realize maybe I  didn’t make my point clear. What I want is not just interrupting the output of the compiler, but also stop the output of the compiler after interrupting.


Van: Haskell-Cafe [mailto:[hidden email]] Namens Kees Bleijenberg
Verzonden: woensdag 18 maart 2015 11:12
Aan: [hidden email]
Onderwerp: [Haskell-cafe] can't nterrupt winGHCi or ghci


With a haskell program I generated a very big haskell file. Sometimes the generated haskell is not valid. If I load the genearated file in winGHCi a flood of error messages streams over the screen. If I press  ctrl-break WinGHCi stops and says interrupted. If I click Ok the program continues printing error messages. Ctrl-c or just c, doesn’t help. So I have to wait until WinGHCi has shown all error messages (can take minutes) or close the WinGHCi window. Ghci has (on Windows) the same behaviour. 

Is there a special key combination to stop Ghc or Ghci or is this a bug?



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