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eqExprX - dead code?

Joachim Breitner-2

I came across some seemingly dead code, but I?d like to ask here before
I clean it up. (Generally, cleaning up dead code is desirable, right?)

The function eqExprX takes a parameter id_unfolding_fun which allows it
to look through variable unfoldings. But the only use of this fuction is
in eqExpr, which passes "const noUnfolding". Therefore, the two fancy
cases in lines 1351-1362 never apply:

Some archeology: In Dec 2010, SPJ removed a use of eqExprX from the CSE
module, which made use of that parameter (aae915d6).

Thinking about it, it is probably safe to clean up the code. And if not,
I?m not going to be offended by a "git revert", but just doing the
change instead of waiting for permission seems to be more efficient to


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