ghc on xeon phi?

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ghc on xeon phi?

Dominic Steinitz-2
> Hi Levent,
>> The whole point of the Xeon-phi is the availability of
>> large-vector sized floating-point support and many-many cores.
> Sure, that's what I'm contemplating - use the many options
> of writing parallel and concurrent Haskell programs.
> So, GHC's RTS should "just work"?
> I was hoping someone already had actually seen this
> on their machine.
> - J.

I recall we thought about using a Xeon phi for our application but abandoned the attempt for reasons I cannot recall. I’ll see if I can find out.

But maybe you would better using something like accelerate-llvm? I think you wrote your application was numerical.

BTW I am currently adding a small improvement to ghc floating point code generation but I am beginning to think it’s going to be difficult to get ghc to generate really good numerical / floating point code and I am experimenting with accelerate-llvm.

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