macports, cabal, cabal-install difficulty

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macports, cabal, cabal-install difficulty

Matthew Fairtlough
Hello, I'm new to this list and to hackage/cabal/cabal-install and
haskell on the mac generally.  I don't dare post on cabal-devel because
I'm a newbie.

I came to this question because I haven't been able to install the unix
package properly (some packages I want depend on it) but I've posted
separately in haskell-cafe on that.
I've port version 1.9.2 and haskell-platform @2009.2.0.2 (devel, haskell)

My question: Is cabal currently out-of-the-box compatible with
macports?  I seem to have problems with cabal-install, in particular the
ld warning and the fact that cabal doesn't seem to know what version of
cabal-install is installed.

bash-3.2# cabal info cabal
* Cabal            (library)
     Synopsis:      A framework for packaging Haskell software
     Latest version available:
     Latest version installed:

bash-3.2# cabal install cabal-install-0.8.2
Resolving dependencies...
Configuring cabal-install-0.8.2...
Preprocessing executables for cabal-install-0.8.2...
Building cabal-install-0.8.2...
....<lots of build information deleted>...
[40 of 40] Compiling Main             ( Main.hs,
dist/build/cabal/cabal-tmp/Main.o )
Linking dist/build/cabal/cabal ...
ld: warning: -read_only_relocs cannot be used with x86_64
Installing executable(s) in /Users/matthew/.cabal/bin

bash-3.2# cabal info cabal-install
* cabal-install    (program)
     Synopsis:      The command-line interface for Cabal and Hackage.
     Latest version available: 0.8.2
     Latest version installed: [ Unknown ]

....and lots more:...

     Bug reports:
     Description:   The \'cabal\' command-line program simplifies the
process of
                    managing Haskell software by automating the fetching,
                    configuration, compilation and installation of Haskell
                    libraries and programs.
     Category:      Distribution
     License:       BSD3
     Author:        Lemmih <[hidden email]>
                    Paolo Martini <[hidden email]>
                    Bjorn Bringert <[hidden email]>
                    Isaac Potoczny-Jones <[hidden email]>
                    Duncan Coutts <[hidden email]>
     Maintainer:    [hidden email]
     Source repo:
     Executables:   cabal
     Flags:         old-base, bytestring-in-base
     Dependencies:  unix >=1.0 && <2.5, Win32 ==2.*, bytestring >=0.9,
                    base <2.0 || >=3.0, base >=2.0 && <2.2, old-time >=1
&& <1.1,
                    array >=0.1 && <0.4, containers >=0.1 && <0.4,
                    random >=1 && <1.1, pretty >=1 && <1.1,
                    directory >=1 && <1.1, process >=1 && <1.1, base >=3,
                    base <3, time ==1.1.*, zlib >=0.4 && <0.6,
                    HTTP >=4000.0.2 && <4001, network >=1 && <3,
filepath >=1.0,
                    Cabal ==1.8.*, base >=2 && <5
     Cached:        Yes

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