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Malcolm Wallace
For information, here are some of the recent changes I have made in the
darcs repository for Blobs.


Wed Nov 16 11:06:33 GMT 2005  [hidden email]
  * allow editing of edge info.
  It is now possible to edit the info field on an edge, just like the info
  field on a node.  (Through a context menu, or pressing 'i' whilst the
  edge is selected.)

Wed Nov 16 12:06:56 GMT 2005  [hidden email]
  * make basic app demo slightly more interesting.
  Now that we can edit the info on an edge, let's make the simple
  application demo slightly more interesting.  The nodes now collect all
  the numbers on their incoming edges into a list.  Then the sum of the
  numbers in a node is pushed out along its outgoing edges.  If you keep
  hitting the 'perform analysis' step, it will eventually reach a fixed

Wed Nov 16 15:47:59 GMT 2005  [hidden email]
  * remove class Analysis, replacing it with datatype Operations.
  The class Analysis was too restrictive, defining only a single
  graph-altering operation (and its reversion) per application.
  Replace it with a datatype storing many possible graph operations.
  These operations are added to a new title-bar menu.

Wed Nov 16 16:16:48 GMT 2005  [hidden email]
  * left-click on canvas resets current selection.

Wed Nov 16 20:23:16 GMT 2005  [hidden email]
  * Permit multiple selection, which can be dragged as one unit.
  Rather than being allowed to select only one node, edge, or control
  point, it is now possible to add multiple items into the selection by
  holding down the Meta key when clicking an entity.  (Meta = Cmd
  (helicopter) key on MacOS, probably either Alt or Box on Windows.)
  The Meta-click acts as a toggle, so you can remove items from
  the selection also.

  The multiple selection can be dragged to new positions on the canvas,
  just like a single selection.  However, because of this, it only makes
  sense to allow nodes and control points within a multiple selection.  An
  edge has no location independent of the nodes/controls, so cannot itself
  be moved.

Thu Nov 17 18:31:52 GMT 2005  [hidden email]
  * Dragging an area on the canvas now makes a multiple selection.
  Dragging out a rectangle on the background canvas now selects all the
  nodes and control points within the dragged area.  I haven't worked out
  how to display the rectangle itself.  The multiple selection can then be
  moved by dragging any one of its items.

Fri Nov 18 17:10:05 GMT 2005  [hidden email]
  * Store node palette in the network document rather than in the GUI state.
  Change the representation of the palette of node shapes very slightly.
  The palette is now stored as a part of the document (network) itself,
  rather than in the state of the GUI.  This means when you load a new
  document, you automatically get the palette it was built with.  Also, a
  node can now store either the name of its shape (for lookup in the
  palette), or its full description, with the shape name being preferred
  in most circumstances.

Fri Nov 18 23:54:43 GMT 2005  [hidden email]
  * Draw rectangle when dragging canvas area for multiple selection.

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