regex-posix broken on 64 bit windows.

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regex-posix broken on 64 bit windows.

Gershom Bazerman
Here’s a ticket reporting the issue:

The ticket is on the platform site, but it doesn’t really belong there. On the other hand, there’s no tracker for regex-posix anywhere else.

This problem has probably existed for a _long_ time, and I guess has to do with 64-bit incompatibilities in the cbits shipped with the package.

I’ve cc’d Chris Kuklewicz as he is author and maintainer. But I know that he has taken a step back from these packages some time ago.

Generally, I would be happy to consider them stable-ish and let the community just migrate away from them or not as open source typically evolves. But regex-posix is pretty widely used still and is in the platform, so I think it is unfortunate that it is broken in this way.

It would be great if some interested volunteer were to step up and fix this issue and maybe even offer to take over maintainership (to which I’m sure Chris would have no objection?).

(Relatedly, it would be good to have a future discussion on which regex library, if any, is suitable for inclusion in the platform. At this point my inclination would be regex-tdfa-text, although my sense is nearly all the libs are relatively unmaintained at this point?)

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