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Re: New release 4 replies Haskell - xmonad
Re: New release 6 replies Haskell - xmonad
xmonad: xmonad-extras 0.12 fails to build 6 replies Haskell - xmonad
RFC: XMonad.Prompt.ConfirmPrompt module 3 replies Haskell - xmonad
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upstream version. (was "Vanilla Xmonad distribution") 1 reply Haskell - xmonad
Vanilla Xmonad distribution 2 replies Haskell - xmonad
Re: Choosing an xml parser 0 replies Haskell - Haskell-Cafe
patches to use data-default 2 replies Haskell - xmonad
patches to use data-default 1 reply Haskell - xmonad
Compiling Prelude.hs or complete base to external core 1 reply GHC - devs
spawn command when no completion is available (if alwaysHighlight is True); changes commandToComplete in Prompt/Shell to complete the whole word instead of using getLastWord 2 replies Haskell - xmonad
shellPrompt exec with args 1 reply Haskell - xmonad
Re: Hoogle index completeness 0 replies Haskell - Haskell-Cafe
Release? 1 reply Haskell - xmonad
Release? 5 replies Haskell - xmonad
ambiguous-atom_WM_TAKE_FOCUS 6 replies Haskell - xmonad
Patch to fix Issue 177: xmonad does not follow ICCCM and ignores WM_TAKE_FOCUS protocol 1 reply Haskell - xmonad
A community-driven effort to make XMonad better and better 2 replies Haskell - xmonad
How to prefix workspace names with numbers? 3 replies Haskell - xmonad