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tls 1.5.5

Kazu Yamamoto (山本和彦)
Hi all,

I would like to announce that tls 1.5.5 has been released. The main
purpose of this version is provide the Network.TLS.QUIC module. This
is the first step to bring QUIC to the Haksell community.

Changelog says:

- QUIC support
- Server ECDSA for P-256
- Sort ciphersuites based on hardware-acceleration support
- Sending no_application_protocol
- Internal improvements

Technical information can be found from the following blog posts:

- Implementation status of QUIC in Haskell
- Improving QUIC APIs of the TLS library in Haskell
- The Current Plan for Haskell QUIC


If you want to make "tls" faster, please install "cryptonite" with the
"support_pclmuldq" flag:
  % cabal install cryptonite -f support_pclmuldq

This enables hardware acceleration for the GCM part of AES-GCM. If you
use old GCC, you need to disable the "use_target_attributes" flag:

  % cabal install cryptonite -f support_pclmuldq -f-use_target_attributes


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